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You’ve got music and sports clubs covered, but where do children go to learn about making apps or building a robot?

With an ever-increasing amount of students taking an interest in technology, we provide tech clubs to empower them and allow them to understand how and why things work. Building technical and creative confidence, the clubs equip children with the ability to solve real-world problems on their own.

We understand that the children of today need to be equipped for a future that will rely heavily on computer science. Their career opportunities will be limited by their ability to keep up with emerging technology. We offer students the chance to use the latest and greatest tech to accelerate their understanding of not only computing but all other subjects, with content that reinforces the national curriculum.

We have now updated our booking system to make enrolling a lot easier to match all parents requirements.

Please click the link above to book a school club, you will be directed to our booking platform (Popsicle) where you will be able to sign into your account. If you have not previously booked a SCHOOL CLUB with us, you will need to create an account by clicking the SIGN UP link found at the bottom of the Popsicle home page.

Imagine, Create & Learn


At NextThing we get students excited about new technologies and cover all subjects.

The computing curriculum wasn’t introduced purely to give students a better understanding of how to make programs, but more to change their mindset into independent computational problem solvers.


We introduce children to text-based coding using Python and Raspberry Pi.

Here pupils are able to program an LED matrix using Python, a coding language that is widely taught in secondary schools giving them a foundation for the road ahead. We also incorporate art to make some funky designs.


We also use Digital DJing in which the pupils can see the sound waves on screen and clearly visualise the changes in frequency and dynamics.

Digital DJing helps to demonstrate the differences in pitch, duration, and tempo. We also incorporate recordings to encourage an understanding of some of the historical aspects of music.


We provide an entertaining introduction to robotics and engineering, in which students work together to make a robotic head come to life.

Children use sequence, selection, and repetition to get their robot to respond to questions like a real human.


Enter a virtual world where creativity is limitless.

In one of our lessons, we use special modifications to simulate effects on global warming forcing students to build a sustainable living environment to survive.


Our activities are not only fun but they make a great platform for learning.

Activities such as Virtual Reality create powerful and immersive experiences that help to increase retention.

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