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Our Aim

Our aim is to make tech education accessible to all, as every child should have the opportunity to develop invaluable STEM skills. We believe that by offering inclusive and accessible learning experiences, we can empower children to unlock their full potential and prepare them for the ever-changing digital world.

Our Concept

Our concept is clear: we are hardware-focused, make STEM education enjoyable, and stay at the forefront of technology. 

By emphasizing hands-on experiences with physical components, we create an immersive learning
environment. We make STEM exciting through interactive activities, experiments, and projects. Continuously updating our programs to incorporate the latest advancements ensures children receive cutting-edge knowledge.

What To Expect

A dynamic and engaging educational experience that goes beyond traditional screen-based learning methods. Our approach is hardware-based, allowing children to engage with physical components and gain practical skills. We believe in a balanced approach, so rest assured that your child won’t be sitting in front of a screen all day! Furthermore, each week we introduce different themes to keep the learning experience fresh and exciting. 

Why Next Thing Camps Are The Best Around

Ofsted Registered

Our holiday camps are OFSTED registered. This means that we adhere to the highest standards of safety, quality, and care to provide a secure and nurturing environment where children can enjoy their holiday.

Childcare Vouchers

We accept most childcare vouchers for all of our camp bookings.  For a full list of providers please navigate to our childcare voucher section with details about their reference codes also included.

Fun and Learning

We believe in making learning an enjoyable experience for children. Through interactive activities and hands-on projects, we create a fun-filled environment where kids can learn while having a great time.

Safe Environment

Maintaining a safe environment is our priority.  Our camps run with fully trained staff and sites that have been approved for health & safety so you can ensure your child will be safe in the holiday season.

Staff Training

We only hire the best staff to take care of your children. Parents trust us to deliver exceptional stimulating education with highly qualified teachers with DBS checks with a passion for technology, arts and sport.


Cutting Edge

Every camp we aim to trend! We bring fun and educational activities that are hot right now such as VR football, 3D printers, vlogging masterclasses, Minecraft tuition and so much more.

All New

We change up activities so your child will always have the opportunity to develop brand new skills each day! With three different camps, there’s an adventure for everyone.

Health and Welfare

We will promote children’s emotional and physical welfare and bring our top priority delivered by staff who take the time to understand children’s needs and support them at the camp.

Councils We Work With

Our Locations

Discover our holiday camps, conveniently located in over 60 schools across the South of England. With our wide range of locations, finding the perfect camp near you has never been easier!

29th July – 2nd August and 5th – 9th August
29th July – 2nd August and 5th – 9th August

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