‘Spook-tech-ular’ Children’s Activities for this October

In this article we will be looking at how you can keep your children busy this October. With Halloween just around the corner why not read all about our children’s Halloween activities you can try at home this October!

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In this article we will be looking at how you can keep your children busy this October. With Halloween just around the corner why not read all about our fun Halloween activities you can try at home this October, keep scrolling for inspiration!

With the cost of living on the rise there is no need to be spending too much money on Halloween activities for your children to enjoy, so we have pulled together some fun cheap activities you can set up at home. In line with Next Thing Educations’ beliefs the activities build upon many skills they are sure to use in later life. Plus, why not throw in the science behind the experiments they will undertake (please don’t panic we will explain the science stuff!).

Fun + Education = what more could you want!

Halloween Science Experiments:

These handful of spooky scientific experiments are sure to get any ghost or goblin excited for the scariest time of the year! There are sooo many spook-tech-ular activities your children can undertake this October and we have picked out the coolest one’s for you to try!

Please note: we always recommend an adult to supervise all times of any of these experiments to lower any risk of injury.

Tea Bag flying Ghosts:

You may need to stock up on Britain’s favourite drink, (tea) for this experiment. Flying Tea Bag Ghosts work due to the convection current and air pressure. Here is what you will need:

-Tea Bags (the thicker the tea bag the better)



-Black Marker Pen

-A Plate

Step 1: Cut off the top off the tea bag, dispose of the tea leaves and open the bag out to form a cylinder shape

Step 2: Draw a scary ghost face onto the tea bag using the black marker pen

Step 3: Put the ghost onto a plate

Step 4: Now carefully light the top of the tea bag (the end which is open) and your ghost will take off!

The science behind this – the air inside of the tea bag gets hot causing the molecules to expand and take up even more space. The air molecules need more space to move without hitting into each other. So, the hot air inside of the tea bag spreads out and is less dense than the cooler air outside. The less dense hot air rises above the cooler denser air. The cooler air rushes into the same forcing the hot air molecules to come out. This causes a convection current which lifts the tea bag up!

An educational, fun and cheap experiment!

Pumpkin Volcano:

October Activity - Pumpkin Volcano

Create a magically erupting volcano with 4 simple steps! Warning this activity is messy! We suggest you have a go at this outside if the weather is nice, or if not place a large food dish underneath the pumpkin to catch the lava!
All you need is:
-A pumpkin
-Washing up liquid
-Food colouring
-Baking soda
-Sharp tool to carve out the pumpkin
Step 1: Carve out the pumpkin. Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin and carve out the inside.  We highly recommend that parents need to help with this step.
Step 2: Fill the inside of the pumpkin with vinegar to about halfway up. Now add a few squirts of washing up liquid and a few drops of food colouring.
Step 3: Next measure out a teaspoon of baking soda. Count to three and put the baking soda into the pumpkin. Give it a mix with a spoon and make sure to stand back and watch the eruption!
The science behind this eruption – when vinegar and baking soda are mixed, they form a reaction which produced carbon dioxide bubbles which rise and erupt out of the top of the pumpkin like a volcano! Cool right?!

Grow Your Own Pumpkin:

Grow your own pumpkin from a pumpkin! Children can grow their very own pumpkin from seed. Let them experience the circle of life and show them how nature works to maintain plants.

All you need is the following:


-Couple of handfuls of soil (depending on the size of the pumpkin)


-Sharp tool to cut the pumpkin open

Step 1: Using a sharp tool to cut the top off of the pumpkin (we recommend an adult to do this)

Step 2: Pull out a few seeds and place them to the side. Dispose of the other seeds.

Step 3: Place soil into the pumpkin and then put the seeds into the soil. Make sure the soil covers the seeds.

Step 4: Water the soil inside the pumpkin every few days.

Step 5: Leave the pumpkin for a few days checking back to see if they have sprouted yet!

Plants grow from seed if they are in the right conditions. The seed absorbs the water and therefore the seeds casing eventually splits open. The roots begin to grow downwards so they stabilise the plant. Next comes the stem and finally the leaves!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt:

This is a super fun Halloween activity that all kids love! Ask your children to find 10 items around the house, outside in the garden or even around your local area that relates to Halloween. They need to take photographs of each item using an iPad / tablet and show you once they have found the items. We highly recommend supervising children if they are looking around the neighbourhood.

Items to find could include:


-Spider web


-The moon


-Black Cat


-Red and brown leaves


Halloween Tech Camps

Does your child love technology? If so, our tech camps are the most tech-tastic place for them! We are running over 15 different technology camps this October half term for your child to enjoy.

Our spook-tech-ular activities include:

Thrilling Fun

Explore the simulated 3D environment that enables you to interact with virtual surroundings! Dive into the world of Ocean Rift which is the worlds first VR underwater world full of animals or increase your body’s adrenaline with Rush which enables you to feel like you are jumping out of a plane!

Revolting Robotics & Creepy Coding

Learn how to build and programme robots to perform specific tasks such as: complete an obstacle course, dance and even answer questions! The possibilities with robots are limitless!

LEGO & Eerie Engineering

They will also use LEGO Engineeringbricks combined with sensors and motors to create cool mechanism and power them with code using IPads. Plus, many more awesome engineering challenges for them to explore!

Vampire Videography & Virtual Reality

Create professional videos and photos – from adjusting the contrast, saturation, filters, subtitles, transitions and key effects.

Magical Minecraft Inventions

Students can dive into Minecraft Education and design different game elements, build redstone circuits and learn coding fundamentals.

We aim to inspire young engineers from ages 5 – 11 years old.

Spaces are limited so find out more information today

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