October Camps

Two Weeks Of Halloween Tech Fun

St. Edmund’s School October Camp

£49 per day 


Our unique camp offers a broad range of tech activities for children of all skill levels. Whether they are new to STEM and coding, or a tech-savvy genius they’ll fit right into one of our upcoming Summer camps.

Tech camp introduces advanced coding concepts of coding through playful projects and puzzles. Exploring Engineering, Circuitry, Gamified Learning, Coding and so much more! As one of the few technology camp providers in England, our teachers develop interactive courses for students, teaching key computer science and coding skills, whilst allowing them to explore their creativity.  

Please note that the camp is available to children aged between 5 and 11 years old only. Spaces are limited on all camps. 

Camp Information

Camp Dates

23rd October – 3rd November

School Address

St Thomas Hill, Canterbury CT2 8HU


9am to 4pm

What to Bring

Your child should bring their own nut-free pack lunch and a bottle of water. All equipment is provided on our camps.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Skill Building

October Tech Camp Activities


Revolting Robotics & Creepy Coding

Learn how to build and programme robots to perform specific tasks such as: complete an obstacle course, dance and even answer questions! The possibilities with robots are limitless!

Creepy Circuits & Animation

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of circuits and animation, where your wildest ideas come to life! Discover the endless potential of combining circuitry and imagination as you learn how to harness the power of circuits and create animated wonders!

Enchanting Engineering & 3D printing

Dive into the thrilling world of engineering and harness real-world skills whilst exploring your imagination through the wonders of 3D printing. Create and develop amazing designs to impress!

Monstrous Media

Become a media expert! Learn all about how to capture the perfect picture and film, using cutting- edge editing tools to turn your creation into a masterpiece. Explore your creativity and challenge your imagination!

Thrilling Inventions & Virtual Reality

Explore the simulated 3D environment that enables you to interact with virtual surroundings!

Dive into the world of Ocean Rift which is the worlds first VR underwater world full of animals or increase your body’s adrenaline with Rush which enables you to feel like you are jumping out of a plane!


LEGO & Eerie Engineering

They will also use LEGO Engineering bricks combined with sensors and motors to create cool mechanism and power them with code using IPads. Plus many more awesome engineering challenges for them to explore!

Magical Minecraft Coding

Become a minecraft expert! Discover the world of Minecraft coding, building redstone circuits and designing elements of the game. Learn what goes on behind this beloved game!

Terrifying 3D Creations

Step into the world of 3D creations, where imagination knows no limits. Craft intricate 3D worlds, from architectural marvels to fantastical landscapes. Add your unique flair to sculptures, models, and interactive creations, then showcase your masterpieces, bringing your ideas to life for all to admire and enjoy.

Mystical Minecraft Mazes

Minecraft mazes offer a captivating and challenging environment that can significantly enhance your problem-solving and analytical skills. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, these intricate labyrinths provide an ideal opportunity to sharpen your mental faculties and enjoy the immersive world of Minecraft.

Rotten Robotic Engineering

Delve into the world of robotics. Unleash your creativity as you build and program robots for various tasks. Customize your creations and let your imagination soar in the exciting realm of robotics!

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Childcare Vouchers

We are happy to accept childcare vouchers as payment for our holiday camps.

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We accept most providers, please see the full list of current providers below:

Sodexo, Computershare, Edenred, My Family Care, Enjoy Benefits,

As an Ofsted registered Childcare provider, we are committed to following and promoting welfare at our camps following all safeguarding procedures and regulations closely.

Tech Camp Parent Reviews

“The kids loved it and want me to book again!”


“Both my sons enjoyed this camp and learn something new every time they attend. They always want to come back.”


“My child said it was the best camp they have ever attended. The innovative theme was appealing and helped them make new friends with similar interests and learn new skills.”


Why Tech Camp?

Day in the life at Tech Camp

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To pay via childcare vouchers, please enter the name of your childcare voucher provider in the promo code section at the checkout.


Computershare – 0026409509

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Please find us on your child care provider website using the address: GU23 7BS

Please select which form of Childcare voucher you will be using for each child on the booking form. For example, ‘sodexo’

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We recommend booking in advance for your holiday camps and after school clubs. We have an overwhelming response when they go live and since we are only able to take a maximum of 15 children per bubble and we have limited spaces due to COVID protocols, so spaces get booked very quickly.

We will be in touch to look at moving your booking to a later date when we are operating or to offer a credit note towards any of our future camps.


At NextThing we get students excited about new technologies and cover all subjects of the computing curriculum.


We introduce children to text-based coding using Python and Raspberry Pi, widely taught in secondary schools.


From Digital DJing to movie making, we explore creative tech projects with Children to make learning fun.


We provide an entertaining introduction to robotics and engineering, and encourage children to invent and explore.


Enter a virtual world where creativity is limitless. We test students with exciting challenges and projects.


Our activities are not only fun but they make a great platform for learning.

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23rd October – 3rd November
23rd October – 3rd November